About this product

The extremely absorbent and guaranteed scratch-free drying towel!

Small in size, but great in performance!

The new small microfibre drying towel from Racoon with a very innovative waffle structure!

Ideal for a perfect, thorough glass cleaning and fast drying. The high-quality, very fine fibers guarantee an absolutely clean and streak-free result, without fluff or annoying streaks! Due to the handy size and the soft satin lining, it can also be used very well for a scratch-free drying of small paint surfaces and plastics! The structure guarantees fast drying due to the enormous water absorption.

Before first use, we recommend a simple hand wash in lukewarm water!

Machine wash up to 60 ° - but do not use fabric softeners or bleaches!

To preserve the cloth's capabilities for a long time, we recommend our special microfibre detergent Racoon # FLUFFY! Because in addition to the excellent cleaning power of Racoon FLUFFY, the fibers are also straightened again and they regain their original absorption capacity! And the high-quality cloth retains its shape even after repeated washings!

- Size: 40 x 40 cm

- Weight: GSM 320

- Color: blue

- Composition: 80% polyester 20% polyamide

- Individually packed in a polybag

Racoon's Practical Tips:

Avoid damaging the fibers; do not put the cloth in the dryer!

Just let the damp cloth air dry and then shake it out!

In this way, the microfibers are optimally regenerated and the absorption capacity is retained for a long time!

    10,89 incl. VAT


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