Poorboy's Super Slick and Foam - 1L

About this product

It looks like a classic snow foam or pre-wash, but it is actually a more presoak shampoo. What makes Super Slick & Foam a presoek shampoo? You apply it to the car and let it take effect before you start washing the car. The Super Slick & Foam is applied with a foam lance and applies a thick layer of foam to the car to loosen the dirt. All this happens before you touch the car with your wash mitt for the first time, so that this leads to a safer and more efficient wash.

Super Slick & Foam is based on the same Super Slick polymers that can also be found in Super Slick & Suds shampoo. The product does contain extra means to make a thick layer of foam that sticks well so that it can loosen the dirt. Super Slick & Foam is one of the best shampoos for an application with a foam lance if you have a high-pressure cleaner. It also makes your washing process safer by providing extra glide for your wash mitt. After the application, continue with the normal wash in combination with Slick & Suds.

Again, this is not a pre-wash, but a shampoo-based product primarily made for a safer contact wash. The product does not clean on its own like other pre-washes or snow foam

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