Poorboy's Spray and Wipe - Gallon

About this product

Poorboy's Spray & Wipe is designed to work perfectly with any type of clay, regardless of texture or strength. It creates a very thin smooth barrier between the lacquer and the clay, which reduces the risk of scratches during the clay process. Plus, it won't break down - or degrade the quality of the clay like some quick detailers do.

Spray & Wipe is very multifunctional! You can use it as a detail spray, glass cleaner, waterless wash or as a clay lubricant. Can be used on all paints without any problems, including metallic and clearcoats. But also on glass, chrome, rims, polished aluminum and all other non-porous surfaces. Both in and outside.


Note : The availability of bulk packaging can vary greatly, so the delivery time can be up to 2 weeks. Contact us for more info.

    50,82 incl. VAT


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