Poorboy's Spray and Rinse - Gallon

About this product

Poorboy's Spray & Rinse is an acid-based rim cleaner that ensures that dirt, brake dust and tar quickly come off neglected rims. Despite the acid, it can be used safely on plastic, all painted and unpainted surfaces. It is not recommended on polished or anodized rims, or in situations where corrosion or curb damage is present. We recommend testing this product on a small site first if in doubt. Regular use is not recommended due to its strong chemically aggressive ingredients. Mixing is recommended!

Spray & Rinse is a professional, acid-based, formulated product that allows you to quickly and easily remove brake dust and road surface contamination from almost all rims. For the maintenance of your rims, you can dilute Spray & Rinse to 1: 4 (20%) for quick and easy cleaning or sealing of your well-groomed rims.


Note . 1: This is a professional and therefore very powerful product that entails health risks. Read the instructions carefully!

Note: Poorboy's Spray & Rinse can permanently damage anti-reflective lenses!

Note . 2: The availability of bulk packaging can vary greatly, so the delivery time can be up to 2 weeks. Contact us for more info

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