Racoon WHEEL SHIELD Keramische Velg-verzegeling - 30ml

About this product

The high-quality Racoon rim coating for all rim types - also reduces the burn-in of aggressive brake dust!

The robust and also temperature-resistant Racoon # WHEEL SHIELD has been developed exclusively for rims, is suitable for painted, polished and also powder-coated rims and offers very durable benefits all year round, even in winter!

The coating compensates for even the smallest unevenness in the rim surface and forms an absolutely invisible, smooth and highly resistant ceramic protective layer with a long service life. This results in a very stable hydrophobic lotus effect that also significantly reduces new soiling and brake dust burn-in.

- WHEEL SHIELD - Excellent dirt and water resistant properties!

- WHEEL SHIELD - The rims can be cleaned with less time and effort!

- WHEEL SHIELD - Durable protection that lasts up to a year!

Available in 30 ml, as well as in the practical all-inclusive set '# RC WHEEL SHIELD Full-Kit'.

The application of the coating is very easy and can be processed without any special prior knowledge! However, intensive cleaning and preparation of the rim surface to be sealed must be ensured in order to achieve optimal and durable adhesion!

The stability and wear resistance of the seal depends on the chemical adhesion! For a thorough, residue-free cleaning and preparation we recommend our rim cleaner Racoon # WHEEL TORNADO and our Racoon # ALCOHOLIC - degreaser, which is specially adapted to the seal. These guarantee a clean and reactive surface!

Please read the instructions in the user manual carefully!

Available separately:

Racoon # WHEEL TORNADO and Racoon # ALCOHOLIC for preparation, and matching application cloths and foam sponges for sealing.

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