Racoon TIRE REFRESH Bandenverzorging - 5000ml

About this product

Our optimized care product for tire sidewalls and rubber seals!

Deep penetrating and nourishing active ingredients with a subtle gloss effect keep the rubber supple, protect against UV radiation and discoloration and give the tires a durable, new look!

Shake well before use! We recommend wearing disposable gloves!

Do not use on hot tires! Also avoid direct sunlight during application!

surface to be treated must be dry and clean!

Apply evenly and sparingly with a sponge with fine pores on the sides of the tire (not on the tread !!) and the rubber seals and let them dry. Thoroughly wipe off product residues with a cloth!

Available in bottles of 100ml and 500ml, and in jerry cans of 5, 10 and 20 L.

    129,47 incl. VAT


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