Racoon SPRAY SHIELD Nano - Verzegelingsspray - 200ml

About this product

The new Racoon high gloss sealing spray! Very easy and quick to use!

Our new Nano-Sealant provides a transparent, ultra-thin protective layer that refreshes the color and shine and gives the surface a long-lasting protective and water-repellent effect! New soiling is thus reduced and enables gentle and faster cleaning of the vehicle.

Available in bottles of 100ml and 200ml.

Shake well before use! We recommend wearing disposable gloves!

Never use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight!

Not suitable for use on unpainted and rough plastic surfaces, as well as for all coatings and rubber!

The surface to be sealed must be clean, dry and dust-free! Then spray the seal very sparingly on a soft microfibre cloth, apply evenly with circular movements and polish to a high gloss after approx. 5 minutes. Turn or replace the cloth regularly. After approx. 60 minutes the seal is completely hardened!

Racoon's practical tips:

Applying a Racoon seal is very easy and can be carried out without any special knowledge! However, it is important that the surface to be sealed is thoroughly cleaned and prepared in order to achieve optimal and durable adhesion! The stability and wear resistance of the seal depends on how well it can bond chemically! For this thorough cleaning and preparation, we recommend our Racoon # ALCOHOLIC - degreaser specially designed for this seal. This guarantees a clean and reactive surface!

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