Racoon SEE THROUGH Glasreiniger - 500ml

About this product

SEE THROUGH - More than just a glass cleaner!

Gloss enhancing and with a new long-term effect

For thorough, streak-free cleaning and maintenance of all flat glass surfaces and mirrors. Removes even the most stubborn dirt! The new, invisible protective layer reduces fogging on the windscreen and also slows down new soiling!

Shake well before use! Do not use under any circumstances on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight!

We recommend wearing disposable gloves!

Spray undiluted directly on the window and let it take effect briefly. Then wipe off the liquid and dirt with a microfiber cloth and brush gently. Before cleaning the interior, apply directly to the cloth so that it does not end up on interior parts!

Available in bottles of 100ml and 500ml, and in jerry cans of 5, 10 and 20 L.

    16,94 incl. VAT


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