Racoon RIM GLOSS COAT Velgen afdichting / verzegeling - 200ml

About this product

A brilliant deep shine and effective, long-lasting protection for your rims - even in winter!

Racoon RIM GLOSS COAT helps prevent damage beforehand! The seal does not protect against road dirt or the metal wear of the brakes - but with sealed rims, the dirt dissolves without much effort! Thanks to our new formula, this produces a radiant, deep shine with an extraordinary water-repellent effect!

Available in bottles of 100ml and 200ml.

Shake well before use! We recommend wearing disposable gloves!

Never use on hot rims or in direct sunlight!

Apply Racoon # RIM GLOSS COAT on a soft polishing cloth (no microfiber cloth) and apply sparingly under light pressure with circular movements on the dry and very thoroughly cleaned edge, in all nooks and crannies! After a few minutes, polish the excess product with a soft cloth to a high gloss! The sealant then immediately feels firm and is fully cured after approx. 60 minutes at normal ambient temperature.

Practical tips from Racoon:

The application of the rim coating is very easy and can be carried out without any special prior knowledge! However, intensive cleaning and preparation of the rim surface to be sealed must be ensured in order to achieve optimal and durable adhesion! The stability and wear resistance of the seal depends on the chemical adhesion! For a thorough, residue-free cleaning and preparation we recommend our rim cleaner Racoon # WHEEL TORNADO and our Racoon # ALCOHOLIC - degreaser, which is specially adapted to this seal. These guarantee a clean and reactive surface!

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