Racoon MATT SHIELD Keramische verzegeling voor matte lakken - Full Kit

About this product

The high-quality Racoon Coating especially for matte car paints!

The maximum, long-lasting and absolutely invisible protection!

The highly durable and temperature resistant Racoon # MATT SHIELD has been developed exclusively for matt painted vehicle surfaces and offers continuous results all year round, even in winter! The coating is colorless and therefore invisible and is perfectly suitable for all car foils!

Thanks to our new innovative formula with precisely tuned additives, even the smallest irregularities in the surface are evened out and an absolutely invisible, extremely smooth and hard, even more resistant ceramic protective layer (-9H) is formed. This results in a stable hydrophobic effect, easy to clean with a very long service life. This also visibly reduces new pollution!

- MATT SHIELD - Simple and easy to apply!

- MATT SHIELD - Excellent dirt and water resistant properties!

- MATT SHIELD - A permanent protection that makes cleaning much easier too!

- MATT SHIELD - Due to the harder surface a better protection against scratches!

The application of the coating is relatively simple and can be carried out without special knowledge! However, the surfaces to be sealed must be very thoroughly cleaned and prepared in order to achieve optimal and durable adhesion! The stability and wear resistance of the ceramic coating depends on how well it can bond chemically!

For residue-free cleaning and preparation, after a thorough car wash, we recommend our Racoon # ALCOHOLIC! This degreaser guarantees a clean and reactive surface!

Set consists of:

incl. 30ml Racoon MATT SHIELD, 100ml Racoon ALCOHOLIC - Degreaser, 100ml Racoon ULTIMATE SHINE WRAP + MATT, 2 Nitrile Gloves, 1 Microfiber Cloth,

1 Applicator Block , 3 Application Wipes and detailed instructions!

    83,49 incl. VAT


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