Racoon GLASS SHIELD Ceramic Glass Sealant - 50ml

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# Racoon GLASS SHIELD Ceramic Glass Sealant - 50ml

A clear view in the rain due to the highly water-repellent coating with a lotus effect!

The new Racoon glass seal has been specially developed for car windows and offers a continuous result all year round! It is advisable to treat not only the windshield, but also the side windows and the front mirrors.

The coating compensates for the smallest irregularities in the glass surface and forms an absolutely invisible, smooth ceramic protective layer with a long service life. This results in a stable hydrophobic lotus effect and the water can no longer adhere! Already at 50 km / h the raindrops simply roll through the air stream and the use of windscreen wipers is reduced to a minimum. The new soiling of the treated glass surfaces is also significantly reduced and can be cleaned with less time and effort.

- Racoon GLASS SHIELD - durable protection that lasts up to two years!

- Road safety is increased by a clear and better view in the rain!

- The glare effect is reduced and the night vision is improved!

- In winter it is much easier to defrost the windows!

Available in bottles of 30 ml and 50 ml and in the practical all-inclusive set 'GLASS SHIELD Full-Kit'.

Applying the coating is quite easy! However, the surfaces must be carefully cleaned to ensure optimal chemical adhesion! The stability and wear resistance of the coating depends on the chemical adhesion! For a thorough preparation, we recommend our glass polish Racoon SHINY GLASS, the special cleaner and degreaser Racoon ALCOHOLIC, and our Applicator cloths. This guarantees a clean and reactive glass surface!

Please read the instructions in the user manual carefully!

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