Racoon FLUFFY Microfiber Cleaner - 5000ml

About this product

# Racoon FLUFFY Microfiber Cleaner.

FLUFFY - Professional care for all microfibre products!

Our newly developed detergent for vehicle maintenance, specially tailored to the properties and needs of high-quality microfibre products such as wipers and drying towels, washcloths and pads. Free from softeners, bleaches, dyes and fragrances as this ensures a longer life for the microfibre products!

Very economical in use - we recommend 50 ml to 8 kg (at 60 °).

Follow the care instructions in the textile!

Available in bottles of 50ml and 1,000ml, and in jerry cans of 5, 10 and 20 L.

    59,23 incl. VAT


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