Racoon COCKPIT DRESSING Cockpit care - 500ml

About this product

# Racoon COCKPIT DRESSING Cockpit care / Cockpit Lotion

Racoon COCKPIT DRESSING - Cleans, conditions and gives a fresh scent in the cockpit!

The best protection against aging, embrittlement and discoloration of the material! The original color depth of all plastics in the vehicle interior is optimally refreshed and a satin finish is retained for a long time - a well-groomed, as good as new appearance! This new, high-quality Racoon product is also dust-resistant and anti-static!

Never use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces! We recommend wearing disposable gloves! Check for material compatibility in a suitable, inconspicuous place!

Shake well before use! Do not use on glass! The surface to be treated must be dry! Apply evenly and sparingly with a fine-mesh sponge or cloth and allow to take effect. Then polish with a clean microfiber cloth.

Available in bottles of 100ml and 500ml.

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