Racoon BLUE SHARK Gloss Car Shampoo - 50ml

About this product

# Racoon BLUE SHARK Gloss Car Shampoo / pH neutral

Beautifully clean!

The new Gloss Car Shampoo 'Blue Shark'!

A gentle but thorough cleaning and a radiant shiny result! This highly effective and pH-neutral shine shampoo with a fine active foam has been specially developed for all sensitive dark and black paints, but is also suitable for light and white paint colors! A perfectly clean, long-lasting shine effect and a unique deep brilliance.

Shake well before use and add 40/50 ml shampoo to 10 liters of warm water.

Available in bottles of 50ml and 1,000ml, and in jerry cans of 5, 10 and 20 L.

    3,57 incl. VAT


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