Poorboy's Spray & Gloss - 500ml

About this product

Poorboy's Spray & Gloss is a quick detailer with superior shine. The smoothness of this product helps to protect the underlying layer while cleaning it, minimizing the chance of minor scratches. Light dust, dirt, fingerprints and stains easily remove to conjure up a beautiful shine. This formula contains glossy properties that greatly improve the clarity and depth of the paint. Poorboy's Spray & Gloss can be used on paint, glass and metal.

Spray & Gloss is a detail spray that enriches the surface and adds a beautiful shine. Spray & Gloss easily removes light contamination such as dust, fingerprints and fresh water stains and gives the surface a high-gloss finish. 

Can be used on all paints without any problems, including metallic and clearcoats. But also on glass, chrome, rims, polished aluminum and all other non-porous surfaces.

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