Poorboy's Quick Detailer Plus

About this product

Poorboy's Quick Detailer Plus is a super smooth quick detailer that easily removes light contamination from the paintwork and at the same time applies a thin protective layer of Brazilian carnauba wax and gloss enhancing polymers. The QD + is designed to be insensitive to temperature, streak-free and safe for all non-porous surfaces. Poorboy's Quick Detailer Plus extends the protection of natural carnaubas and provides additional protection against harmful UV rays.

Poorboy's World Quick Detailer + is an easy on, easy off formula. Simply spray and polish to clean the paint and increase the shine! QD + is the ideal detail spray to quickly and easily boost the shine and increase paint protection in between waxes, wherever you are.

The unique formula contains natural Brazilian carnauba wax and super smooth polymers to protect and shine your car. Poorboy's QD + is perfect for quickly removing fingerprints or smudges. With regular use, it helps to prevent oxidation and discoloration of the paint. Over time, the paint will stay cleaner and smoother in between details. Your car stays longer and better protected.

    19,36 incl. VAT


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