Poorboy's All Purpose Cleaner - Gallon

About this product

Poorboy's All Purpose Cleaner (APC) is an all purpose cleaner that is designed to intensively clean all surfaces. The foaming ingredients lift the dirt while the conditioner does not affect the appearance of trim, textiles, carpets and leather. Unlike many ammonia-based cleaners, this one will not dry out or stiffen the surface.

It is a safe, non-flammable, non-toxic product without bleaching agents for virtually any surface. It can be used on leather, plastic, rubber, carpet, textile, fabric, motorcycles, white tires, logos, ... Thanks to the specific formula, no greasy film or soap will remain. It will remove grease, stains, brake dust and other dirt.

Poorboy's APC is a product with professional strength, diluting the product is necessary in many situations! The product can be handled undiluted for the engine compartment. It is always recommended to test the product first. By further working in the product with a brush, the effect is enhanced.


Note : This is a professional and powerful product, careful use is necessary. Read the instructions carefully!

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