Nanolex Washcoat - 50ml

About this product

Nanolex Washcoat is a unique product. It protects the car very quickly and easily, immediately after washing the car. Spray the product and let it do its work for an unseen result.

After washing the car, the product is sprayed over the wet car with a foam lance or an atomizer. After just under two minutes and rinsing the car, the product works immediately! Washcoat can be used perfectly without any other products, but also in combination with other products it works incredibly as a maintenance product. The shine is clearly enhanced and the surface is also much smoother!

Nanolex Washcoat is the first product that makes noise when in contact with the surface; the effect can really be heard!

For single use we recommend 50ml (compared to 0.5 liter water) of product per car, for a car that already saw protection we recommend 20ml. Do not mix the product with water until just before use, otherwise the mixture will become unstable after a few hours.

Expect a durability of 6 to 8 weeks or 4 washes, when combined with Nanolex Shampoo or a quick detailer, that durability will only increase.

It is the ideal product for use during the winter months. In a simple way, the protection can be maintained and strengthened without having to spend a lot of time and energy yourself. Moreover, it is insensitive to neither high nor low temperatures.

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