Maxshine Foam Pad Holder

About this product

Maxshine ShineMaster Iron Foam Pad Holder / Rack will let your foam pads place neatly and orderly. Make your place display so well and help you find the foam pad you need easily. Hang on the wall, the foam pads holder / compound is convenient to fetch the foam pad and when you return them back it will be neat and won't mess up the space of your room, as well it looks tidy, effective.

Key Features : The Maxshine ShineMaster Foam Pad Holder / Rack holds up to your various size foam pads Constructed of high-quality iron with finish coated with powder can resist rust High corrosion resistance, comes with corresponding screws Time-saving, space-saving manage all your foam pads in order so that can find the exact one you need Made from quality material, can provide a long time service life for customer

    41,14 incl. VAT


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