Maxshine DA Polisher Backing Plate - 70mm

About this product

Maxshine / ShineMaster 70mm White Dual Action Backing Pad has a sturdy Hook & Loop bottom that can be used with a variety of pads like foam pads, wool pads, microfiber pads, etc.

This backing plate is designed specifically for SHINEMASTER Polishers for best results. Perfect compatibility with your favorite SHINEMASTER Foam and Micro Fiber Pads.

Each backing plate utilizes Smart Heat Management technology with vertical and horizontal venting along with a center recess to reduce the buildup of heat within the pad. This ensures smooth operation and prolongs the overall life of each pad

The perfectly balanced backing plate is constructed from high-quality materials and is built to stand up to the power and colossal throw produced by SHINEMASTER Polishers.

    10,89 incl. VAT


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