Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash 500 CC

About this product

Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash removes splashing dirt, traffic and insects in an instant. It provides a better windshield wiper effect and a safe, streak-free view. Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash is a reliable, effective windshield washer fluid essential for the safety of your journey. Works great in winter conditions down to -45 Celsius and for general use during the rest of the year.

It offers a number of important performance benefits:

1. Safe, streak-free face.

2. Better windshield wiper performance.

3. Clears all contaminants quickly and prevents new spots.

4. Water will run away from the windows more quickly.

5. Due to the high dilution you can use it for a long time.

Use Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash all year round for safe, smear-free windows.

    9,01 incl. VAT


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