Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze - 500ml

About this product

Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze is a polymer-reinforced glaze designed to add shine to the paintwork and hide light wax scratches and smudges. The glaze can be perfectly applied manually or by machine. It enhances the metallic in light colors and makes dark colors even deeper!

Like all Auto Finesse products, the glaze has been developed to work perfectly for amateur and professional users, the deep wet shine is loved by all! It optimizes the paint and is also very easy to polish, making it extremely suitable for sensitive paint types.

It is perfect to use as a finish after an extensive corrective treatment or to make the car shine again in the meantime! Due to its unique properties, Ultra Glaze can also be used perfectly on old weathered paint or paint without a varnish layer.

    23,60 incl. VAT


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