Auto Finesse Spritz Pro - 5L

About this product

Auto Finesse Spritz is a UV protective spray designed for use in the interior. It is quick and very easy to use and thus leaves a natural, anti-static layer that dries immediately. The product is neither greasy nor sticky. Regular use ensures that the interior will always look like new.

Auto FInesse Spritz is safe for all matt surfaces such as plastic, leather, fabric, ... It is the ideal product to refresh the interior on a regular basis and to remove greasy fingers, smudges and dust. 

Auto Finesse Spritz has a light yet gentle hint of vanilla.

Note.  1: The "Pro" range comes in large, deformable plastic containers that absorb shocks during transport without leakage. This can sometimes make the container look a bit distorted.

Note 2: The availability of bulk packaging can vary widely. Contact us for more info.

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