Auto Finesse Revitalize Paint Correction System

About this product

The Revitalize system has been developed to offer a simple and uncomplicated system for both beginners and advanced users in the world of machine polishing. The set makes it possible to correct swirls at home and restore color & shine to car paints. The set contains three polishing pastes and the three accompanying pads, everything is color matched and numbered to make it even easier! Masking tape, pad prime, microfiber cloths, a cleaning brush and instruction booklet are also provided.

The polishes have been developed in collaboration with the Auto Finesse detailers and are (mainly) intended for Dual Action / eccentric polishing machines.

The 'Restoring compound' (No: 1) is a very heavy, abrasive compound that is able to remove the heaviest damage from a paint.

The 'Polishing compound' (No: 2) is an all rounder capable of restoring average swirls and faded paint.

The 'Refining compound' (No: 3) has been developed to deliver an ultra sharp result.

All polishing pastes have corresponding pads with specifically chosen foam to use their pastes perfectly.

    151,19 incl. VAT


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