Auto Finesse Revitalize 85mm Pads Yellow

About this product

Each pad has been custom designed to work perfectly with the Revitalize range. The pads vary in density and hardness to play out the power of the polishing pastes further, so they work faster, cleaner and more efficiently.

  • Path No. 1 Restore: An orange pad with a high-density net structure takes care of the heavy lifting. This restores the paint by breaking down the rough abrasive grains.
  • Path No. 2 Polish: A yellow pad with an open cell structure for removing scratches and oxidation. Due to the specific composition, the polish can be used longer.
  • Path No. 3 Refine: A red soft pad with open cell structure provides the high gloss. Refining the result with an ultra-fine polish or a glaze provides the ultimate shine and reflection.
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