Auto Finesse Pad Prime

About this product

Auto Finesse Pad Prime is an easy to use simple product that's designed to be used with our Revitalize paint correction system. Pad Prime is designed to illuminate the scrubbing of a new foam pad on automotive finishes. This stage is often overlooked by many professionals and detailing hobbyist. All it takes is a light mist of Pad Prime to ready you foam pad for machine polishing.

Although it was designed for the Auto Finesse Revitalize System, Pad Prime works as a pad lubricant on all types of foam pads. Its perfect for use on rotary and dual action polishers so suits all skill levels and polisher types. Pad Prime comes in a handy 250ml bottle. This makes it easy to keep on your person whilst working around a car. Whether it's in your pocket, in your detailing apron, or just by your side, Pad Prime is a must have for both professional detailers and weekend detailers.



Auto Finesse Pad Prime was designed for the Auto Finesse Revitalize paint correction system. However we found the demand was there to make this into its own individual product.

Pad Prime should always be used when using a foam pad for paint compounding, polishing and refining before apply the pad to the paintwork.

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