Auto Finesse Iron Out - 500ml

About this product

Auto Finesse Iron Out is an active dissolves metal particles. This pH neutral formula reacts with the metal to soak it away from all surfaces. Glass, wheels, paint, plastic, ... Spray the product and wait for the effect and rinse!

Auto Finesse Iron Out is an intensive cleaner designed to dissolve brake dust and other iron-rich materials. It was originally developed to clean heavily soiled wheels but can also be used perfectly on other materials. It is perfectly safe on paint, glass, plastic, rubbers, ... and can be used for brake dust, but also for industrial scale and iron dust from railways.

The basis of Iron Out is a powerful neutralized salt that dissolves iron particles. This makes it easy to rinse them with a high-pressure cleaner or garden hose. As a result, it is much safer to use than the older acid-based rim cleaners but just as efficient. It is a gel-like product which makes it easy to adhere to the surface and thus extends the workable time. It is only exceptionally necessary to work with a brush or wash mitt.

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