Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Concentrate - 1L

About this product

Auto Finesse Imperial is a detergent-based wheel cleaner that will loosen dirt safely but very effectively. There are two variants available of this product. The first with a pre-mixed solution of 10 to 1 (10 parts water for 1 part concentrate), the second product is a pure rim cleaner that can be mixed according to your own wishes.

The premixed solution is perfect for regular rim maintenance but is not suitable for heavily soiled wheels. 

The concentrated 1 liter bottle is good for up to 10 liters of wheel cleaner. Thanks to the concentrate, an ideal mixture can always be found to get the wheels back as new. No matter how the mixing ratio is made, the rim cleaner will always be safe on the rim. The acid-free formula can handle the dirtiest rims.

  • Toughen 10 to 1 for normal soiling.
  • Dilute 2 to 1 for severe soiling.

Or lengthen to your liking to get the perfect mix!

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