Auto Finesse Illusion

About this product

Auto Finesse Illusion has been developed to complete the range of waxes. This wax makes the difference because of its superior depth and shine, making Illusion really intended as a show wax. The warm glow created by the wax has few rivals!

Ease of use is something AF always strives for and due to the oil-rich base, this is probably the most user-friendly wax in the range, even spreading is very simple and taking off is at least as easy. The wax is allowed to cure on the paint for 1 to 3 hours to maximize the result. In addition, Illusion offers protection for 2 to 3 months!

This is an exciting product from Auto Finesse, after months of developing and testing endless variations, the perfect combination has been found of what a really good show wax should be. The wax smells of soft red fruit and has a buttery, oil-rich texture. The soft composition distributes the wax very easily over the paint. It is the wax for those looking for the ultimate shine!

    136,13 incl. VAT


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