Auto Finesse Essence

About this product

Auto Finesse Essence was born from the pursuit of the ultimate all-round wax, a wax with sharp reflection on light colors and a deep wet shine on dark, full colors. A wax that is easy to apply but just as easy to polish. Both professional and home users know that it is not only the result that counts, but the ease of use is just as important!

Essence is a buttery, oil-rich wax with a long curing time that allows the entire car to be waxed - at hot and cold temperatures - before it needs polishing. Essence is a handmade wax where ease of use is central. It can be used on all types of paint and colors and despite its relatively low price, it still contains 40% by volume! Besides carnauba, Essence also contains synthetic polymer and gloss enhancing oil. The wax adds an unprecedented depth to the paint in a very simple way.

Due to the composition, the durability is limited +3 months, but thanks to the carnauba, the gloss is unprecedented for natural wax at that price. The result is a super wet result on all colors and paint types. However, compared to the Passion and Spirit, this wax has to fail in terms of depth and shimmer.

  • 40% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax by volume
  • Clear and glassy shine;  extremely suitable for all colors: lighter, bright colors and dark, full colors!
    81,68 incl. VAT


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