Auto Finesse Dressle Pro - 5L

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The Auto Finesse® Dressle is a versatile all-purpose dressing for the exterior and interior. This water-based liquid dry dressing can be sprayed directly onto the surface or applied with an applicator and cloth, depending on the area of the part you are working with and your personal preference. This very versatile dressing is also great for treating hard-to-reach areas such as wheel arches and engine compartments, by spraying and withdrawing the product, simply dose the surface with a few fine mist of Dressle and let it cure.

Dressle is also a great product to enhance the look of your vehicle's cockpit as it dries to a non-sticky or greasy finish, leaving a pleasant and natural shine. The UV inhibitors help prevent interior surfaces from fading, and keep a deep rich finish to your interior plastic and vinyl trim, containing no waxes, oils or petroleum distillates.


For engine compartments: Clean and dry your engine compartment first, then generously spray Dressle on all plastic parts of the engine, you can also coat the painted and metal parts. Then let it dry for 4-6 hours. After this hardening time, clean up the excess material and you're done! Your engine compartment looks fresh, clean and protected. The same approach also applies to the wheel arches.

Plastic, vinyl and rubber: Apply 1-3 spritz of the product on a Microfiber applicator and wipe the surface, door cards, dashboards and other such flat surfaces can be easily coated in this way.

Exterior Finish: Apply 2-3 spritz of Dressle to a microfibre work towel and work into the surface and allow to cure.

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