Auto Finesse - Caramics Glass Cleaner 500ml

About this product

The easy way to eliminate smudges and streaks and improve visibility in all conditions.
Using Auto Finesse Caramics Glass Cleaner is also a quick and easy solution to extend the life of ceramic glass coatings.
By adding an extra layer of hydrophobic ceramic protection, this highly concentrated, fast acting formula has been developed to complement our Caramics Glass Protection Kit. The results speak for themselves here; Caramics Glass Cleaner not only cleans surface contamination, but also bonds to a durable, hydrophobic Si02 coating for even more extreme beading.  
Caramics Glass Cleaner easily removes drying stains and water stains and is both the perfect cleaning and protection agent for all ceramic-coated glass surfaces.  
Strips Wax / SealantNo.
Durability+2 weeks
    23,60 incl. VAT


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