Soft Buff DA Foam Cutting pad - d. 12,5cm

About this product

Meguiars Soft Buff Utra Thin DA Pads have been specially developed for use with Dual Action machines. The thinner pads give more control and due to the lower weight, the machine will be able to turn faster and therefore provide more correction than thicker pads.

Made from the highest quality foam material and available in two sizes (12.5 and 15cm) and three different hardnesses:

  • Foam Cutting Pad - red pad suitable for tackling scratches, deeper swirls and heavy weathering.
  • Foam Polishing Pad - yellow pad suitable for removing swirls and light oxidation.
  • Foam Finishing Pad - black pad suitable for optimizing shine and applying glaze, wax and sealants.

Suitable for support plates of 5 "/ 12.5 cm.

    24,70 incl. VAT


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