Snow Foam Cannon Kit

About this product

Most foam products are quite expensive prewash products that must also be followed by a regular wash with a different shampoo. Foaming with Meguiar's is faster and easier and no additional product is needed.

This foamer, the foaming Gold Class Shampoo and a high-quality high-pressure cleaner are the ideal combination for applying a cleaning foam layer that loosens road surface contamination, contamination and other contamination from the surface without removing the wax layer. Apply, let it soak and wash the car with microfibre wash mitt. Then rinse and dry.

Please note: the connector and spacer of this kit has yet to be secured with Teflon tape!

Kit contents:

  • Snowfoam Cannon with 1000ml graduated bottle
  • 3 different connectors for Karcher K series, Nilfisk and Bosch Aquatak series
  • Teflon tape
    66,49 incl. VAT


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