Perfect Clarity Glass Kit - 3-delig

About this product

Inexpensive set to clean your windows well and to provide durable water-repellent protection. You will get almost 15% discount on this set!

Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Specially developed to achieve a streak-free result, a result you can see! Windows stay clear longer and you are guaranteed a streak-free result. Easily and quickly removes insect residues, tree sap, road dirt, nicotine deposits and bird droppings. Safe to use on all tinted windows.

Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound

Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Polishing Compound removes stubborn dirt that normal glass cleaners cannot get rid of. Lime stains, streaks caused by wipers and other dirt are removed quickly and effectively, which greatly improves visibility and makes it safer to hit the road.

In addition, the Perfect Clarity Polishing Compound is the ideal preparation for the Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant for a water-repellent effect. Can be processed both manually and mechanically.

Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant

Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant creates an invisible barrier on the glass surface for better visibility and a safer journey. The polymer formula gives a very durable protection and makes the surface very hydrophobic, so that the use of the wipers is hardly necessary anymore.

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