New Car Scent Interior Detailing Kit

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Get almost 30% discount on this beautiful kit for your car interior!

This kit contains the right products for freshening up your interior. In the kit you will find the Meguiar's Carpet & Fabric Re-Fresher ; the ideal solution to quickly and easily remove unwanted odors from your interior.

In addition to this cleaner, the kit also contains the New Car Scent Protectant for the maintenance of plastic parts. This Protectant gives a satin shine to the interior and leaves a fresh "new car" scent.

To complete the kit, it contains the Detailing Mitt for cleaning or maintaining the interior.

The kit contains the following products:

  • 1x G180724EU Carpet & Fabric Re-Fresher
  • 1x G4216EU New Car Scent Protectant
  • 1x X1804EU Detailing Mitt

    46,55 incl. VAT


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