GP Gloss protector Total 500 ml

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GP GlossProtector ® Total (bottle of 500ml)

A unique paint protector!

GP GlansProtector ® Totaal has been developed according to Swiss technology. A powerful cleaner combined with a real, durable coating suitable for quickly, easily and sustainably providing a lacquer seal of all (car) paints.

The wafer-thin polymer film that remains is mirror-smooth and gives a deep reflection (gloss) without polishing and makes treated material highly water-repellent.

GP GlansProtector ® Total protects the paint and windows against brine, acids, bird droppings and fly deposits. GP GlansProtector ® Totaal is used by car dealers, private self-washers, car damage, cleaning, truck wash and car wash companies. Mix 50 ml with 1 bucket of water, lather, rinse, dry and you're done.

GlansProtector ® Totaal is safe for all materials and is degraded in the environment. The coating is not broken down by UV rays. Also suitable for maintenance of Oldtimers.

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