GP Gloss Protector Polymer Coating 500ml

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GP GlansProtector ® Long Lasting Polymer Coating (bottle of 500ml)

The fastest, easiest and cheapest method to protect car paint, caravans and motor home, boats, plastic, glass etc. (lacquer sealing) against dirt adhesion from street and atmospheric dirt, algae, acids and bird droppings, etc.

First thoroughly clean the surface and rinse away any soap residues. Mix GP GlansProtector ® Polymer Coating with tap water (1:10) and apply over the still wet surface with a clean sponge.

Immediately afterwards, rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean water and dry if necessary.

An invisible, smooth polymer (plastic) coating has now formed on the surface. This coating provides months of protection against dirt adhesion, gives a deep and superior shine (without polishing) and makes the surface strong and long-lasting water-repellent.

The 'black stripes' on a caravan can also be removed effortlessly after a treatment.

Rainwater is guided by gravity as droplets to the lowest point and removes so much litter.

GP GlansProtector ® Long Lasting Polymer Coating PH neutral, safe for all materials and biodegradable.

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