Auto Finesse Detailing Brushes 3

About this product

The Auto Finesse® Detailing brushes

Looking for that perfect set for the lover of details? We've got you covered. Brand new to the store, we present you the ultimate detailing brushes, complete as a set of three.

The Detailing Brushes feature scratch-free, clean bristles that are safe to use on your paintwork, do not scratch and stay consistent in shape for longer. The brushes come as a set of 3, all in different sizes. This gives you the freedom to use any brush purposefully for different parts of your vehicle when detailing. The brushes have a longer handle than our other brushes in the range to ensure you can reach the most intricate parts when in use, they are made from durable plastic to withstand whatever you throw at them and feature a hole in the handle so that you can hang them in the workshop.

    23,60 incl. VAT


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