QED Quick Exterior Detailing Spray

About this product

The Angelwax 'QED' is an Award-winning quick exterior detailing spray, which is the perfect solution when you want to quickly get the result of a freshly waxed vehicle. This makes the Angelwax QED the perfect and super fast solution for daily use and your indispensable partner at car shows or car fairs. Our unique formula adds an extra protective layer on top of your existing wax or coating to enhance the shiny and protective result of your car. Angelwax QED is also an excellent waterless wash solution specially designed to remove dust and water stains and add fantastic shine with a great wet look finish.


1. For best results, apply Angelwax QED to a soft clean microfiber cloth after your vehicle has been washed and dried.

2. Apply Angelwax QED on a clean microfiber cloth and buff each panel to a high gloss finish.

Tip: Angelwax QED can also be applied to windows and rims.

    71,75 incl. VAT


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