Perfectly Pre-Waxing Polish

About this product

Angelwax Perfect Polish is the ideal product as a preparation for the application of a wax or sealant. With Perfect Polish, small scratches and swirls are a thing of the past and the paint of your car will be provided with a beautiful shine.

The Perfect Polish can easily be applied by hand or with a Dual Action Polisher, on a low setting.


1. Do not apply Angelwax PERFECT POLISH in the sun and make sure that the surface temperature of the panel to be treated feels cool.

2. Apply the product to one panel at a time using a microfiber or foam applicator with light to medium pressure.

Tip: Use the Angelwax Uber-lube and the Angelwax claybar for best results before applying Angelwax PERFECT POLISH.

This product contains 500ml

    17,42 incl. VAT


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