Hide-Rate Hydrating Leather Conditioner

About this product

Angelwax Hide-Rate moistens the leather in your vehicle. The drying effects of sunlight and daily use cause your leather to dry out. The Angelwax Hide-Rate attracts the humidity from your vehicle and brings it back through the unique moisturizing effect so that your leather is nourished again and its natural appearance is retained.


1. For best results, thoroughly clean the leather with Angelwax HEAVEN FOR LEATHER to ensure the surface to be treated is clean and properly prepared.

2. Spray Angelwax HIDE-RATE directly on the leather and apply with a microfiber cloth, ensuring the desired surface is treated before the leather dries naturally.

Top Tip: When cleaning heavily soiled leather, use a soft detailing brush to remove surface contaminants.

This product contains 250ml

    19,72 incl. VAT


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