H2GO Windscreen Dressing

About this product

The Angelwax H2GO Windscreen Dressing is designed and developed to withstand even the heaviest rainfall without any problem.

The Angelwax 'H2Go Rain Repellent' is designed to create a water-repellent and dirt-resistant coating on glass surfaces. This coating prevents your view from being obstructed by (sudden) heavy rainfall even before it contacts your windshields and windows, making driving in extreme weather conditions much safer. Rainfall and water contacting the treated surface will simply bead and drift off the surface. Even at speeds from 30 km / h, making H2Go one of the best performing window coatings available today.


1. Before applying H2Go, first clean the glass surface with 'Superior Automotive Glass Cleaner'.

2. Spray H2Go on a clean, dry microfiber cloth or applicator and apply to the glass in a circular motion until the entire surface is covered.

3. Let the treated surface dry for about 10-15 minutes until a haze appears on the glass and then remove the dried residue with a second clean, dry microfiber cloth.

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