Enigma QED Ceramic Detailing Spray

About this product

The Angelwax Enigma QED Ceramic Detailing Spray is made from the latest ceramic technology. Angelwax Enigma QED is the ultimate detailing spray that adheres to the surface of the vehicle with fantastic shine and excellent durability.

The unique formula adds an extra layer of ceramic protection to the existing Enigma Wax or ceramic coating. The Angelwax Enigma QED will extend the life of the Enigma Wax or a ceramic coating.


1. Clean and dry the vehicle thoroughly.

2. Spray Angelwax Enigma QED on a clean soft microfibre cloth and apply per panel.

3. Rub the treated surface with a clean dry microfibre cloth until a deep shine is achieved.

TIP: Wash your vehicle first with Angelwax ENIGMA SHAMPOO before applying Angelwax ENIGMA QED.

Available in 500ml bottle.

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