Angelwax Vision Automotive Glass Cleaner

About this product

Angelwax Vision Superior Automotive Glass Cleaner is a “ready to use” formula that cleans quickly and powerfully without leaving streaks or stains on your glass. Your glass will become sparkling clear again and offers the perfect preparation for the application of 'Angelwax H2Go Rain Repellent'. This special Angelwax glass cleaner is safe to use on all types of glass including tinted or foil-covered glass.


1. Spray the glass cleaner directly onto dry glass surfaces after washing.

2. Wipe Vision with a microfiber cloth.

Vision provides the perfectly prepared surface for Angelwax H2GO.

Tip: after cleaning the glass with Angelwax Vision, apply two layers of Angelwax H2GO, the ultimate window sealant for many safe kilometers!

    12,58 incl. VAT


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