Angelwax Titanium Spray Sealant

About this product

Angelwax Ti-22 is a spray sealant, specially designed by Angelwax and the first titanium-based spray sealant in the world!

Angelwax TI-22 has been specially developed as a very durable paint sealant with a very strong chemical resistance. TI-22 gives your vehicle a superior deep reflection and offers the perfect protection for your paintwork against all kinds of contamination!

Angelwax TI-22 can also be perfectly applied for the maintenance of ceramic coatings or in combination with one of the waxes from Angelwax.


1. For best results, wash, rinse and dry the vehicle thoroughly.

2. Apply Angelwax Ti-22 to a cool surface with a clean, dry microfiber cloth or applicator.

3. Angelwax Ti-22 is a spray on, wipe off formulation and must be removed immediately after application.

Top Tip: Before applying Angelwax Ti-22, apply a wax coat with a wax from the Angelwax range for unsurpassed protection and an excellent finish.

This product contains 250ml

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