Angelwax Resurrection Heavy Cut Compound

About this product

Angelwax Resurrection Heavy Cut Compound is a heavy cut polish from Angelwax and internationally one of the most used polishes in the professional detailing world.

This powerful compound has been developed for the quick removal of scratches, deep swirls on the paint and sanding scratches up to 1500 grit.


1. Shake well before use.

2. Always check the compatibility and suitability of the paint surface by testing in an inconspicuous place.

3. Apply the 4 drops of Ressurection on a cutting pad of your choice and process the product until a clear film remains on the treated surface.

4. Remove any residue with a microfiber cloth.


Tip: for a perfect finish, use AngelwaxREGENERATE or Angelwax REDEMPTION micro fine polish.

    53,18 incl. VAT


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