Angelwax Enigma Legacy Wheel & caliper coating

About this product

ANGELWAX ENIGMA LEGACY Wheel & caliper coating is a user-friendly titanium ceramic coating specially designed for alloy wheels and brake calipers.

The ENIGMA LEGACY Wheel & caliper coating has been developed with ease of use in mind and can be used by both the professional detailer and the enthusiast. It's a fantastic coating that can be applied in minutes.

Once applied, the coating adheres to paint, glass, metal and plastic at the molecular level. This titanium ceramic coating protects your precious wheels and calipers from weathering, UV damage, industrial and organic deposits, acids and alkaline chemicals ranging from pH2 - pH12.

Enigma Legacy Wheel & caliper coating forms a durable, self-leveling, super smooth clear titanium ceramic layer on your painted wheels and, more importantly, provides unparalleled protection and finish compared to traditional paint protection products.

Cleaning your wheels will be easy and in a short time bound contaminants such as brake dust, tar and hard water stains will be easily removed.

Unlike regular wax and organic polymer coatings, Enigma Legacy Wheel & caliper coating can withstand much higher and lower temperatures. They can withstand temperatures from -40 to 1,300 ° C

3-5μm (measurable paint meter!)

Unlike regular ceramic coatings, Enigma Legacy Wheel & Caliper Coating does not need to be cured using an infrared lamp.

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