Angelwax Drift Vanilla Snow Wax

About this product

Angelwax Drift has been specially developed for white paints that also have to stay white. Often when a wax is applied to a white paint, it happens that the paint becomes a bit darker or more yellow. Nothing is worse when your beautiful, white, clear paint is contaminated with a greyish yellow “veil”. Angelwax Drift has been specially developed to bring white lacquers to an even brighter and whiter result. White is really white again!


Make sure you have a completely clean surface when you apply the wax.

Apply a thin layer on the surface to be treated with a clean wax pad or "microfiber applicator" and work part by part then let the wax "cure" (rest) for at least 3 minutes before wiping the wax with a clean microfiber cloth.

    23,41 incl. VAT


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