Angelwax Desirable Wax

About this product

Angelwax Desirable is the competition wax from Angelwax. This ultimate handmade wax has been developed in such a way that the unique wax formula is purely intended for unparalleled shine with the best protection. Angelwax Desirable gives a great "beading" and "sheeting" that you expect to find with the most expensive and exclusive waxes. Angelwax Desirable not only gives the ultimate shine & protection, but also offers very easy processing when it comes to processing the product.


1. Provides a completely clean surface when you apply the wax.

2. Apply a thin layer to the surface to be treated with a clean wax pad or "microfiber applicator" and work per surface.

3. Let the wax "cure" (rest) for at least 3 minutes.

4. Wipe the wax with a clean microfibre cloth. 

    27,31 incl. VAT


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